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Casino Etiquette and Superstition

If you want to go to a hive of superstition and obsessive compulsive disorder, there's nothing better than a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. A lot of mankind's common etiquette is either ignored entirely or cranked up to an unreasonable amount and you'll find yourself either annoyed at someone else's behavior or find someone giving you the evil-eye because you did something wrong and have no idea what it might be. The superstitions that come with gamblers make it hard to respect everyone's traditions and that's why so many people enjoy playing in online casinos. It's more relaxing and you can focus on the game.

That said, you are probably going to find yourself in a casino at some point and you should understand why people are doing the things they're doing and how you can make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. Let's break down the three most common casino etiquette problems players have and how you can make sure they don't ruin your experience. (And, of course, tell you why online casinos are better.)

Don't Count your Chips
Well, you can when you're done playing, but just like the old adage about chickens and eggs and hatching – counting them too soon slows down the game and can derail other players. This is one of the minor-seeming but notable reasons that many players prefer online casinos — the math is done for them and the balance is clearly marked on the screen. Casino veterans can do the math quickly; people that are new to the game take up what others see as "valuable" time at the tables.

Don't Stretch your Legs
When you're playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, taking a break from the game is one of those things that other players simply don't like, especially when they're winning. If you're playing Roulette and everyone's enjoying themselves, taking a five-minute break to hit the head and loosen up is going to be seen as "cooling" the table down, especially if someone misses their bet right after. Thankfully, online casinos don't have this problem. You can walk away, do yoga, bend your knees, make a sandwich and nobody is the wiser.

Know the Game
Unless they're playing in the early afternoon when there's nobody around, new players are generally going to find that casinos aren't very welcoming to them. If they're playing at night, the regulars who grind away every night are going to be annoyed at every little question answered and they view the slower pace as a crime akin to murder.

Online casinos allow you to learn the game that you want to play for free and the rules are usually just a mouse click away. On top of that, you can search for strategy articles and learn the best (and worst) ways to play without having the extra pressure of other players giving you the hairy eyeball.


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